ESPOD 55” Multi-touch Screen LED Display

  1. General Details

    A brilliant Full HD Touchscreen absolutely anyone can use

    Work Smarter

    The ES-TH550IWB Series of professional Full HD displays incorporate intuitive touch screen technology, fully interactive whiteboard functionality, and the very latest in wireless connectivity to allow you and your colleagues to work more closely as a team. These displays are loaded with the next-generation technology you need to be more productive, more efficient, and to achieve better quality results.

    Simple Touch Control

    Progress smoothly through your presentation using familiar touch screen gestures to turn pages, zoom in and out content, and navigate through multimedia functions without need of a remote control. Whether using a fingertip to cue content for a presentation, or the stylus pen to jot down notes for the group, you’ll be delighted at how this user-friendly touch interface makes complex tasks simple.

    Work together on the screen

    Built-in whiteboard software lets you turn on the display and start work right away—no need to connect a PC. Up to four people can write at a time, and you can save your pages and email them directly to anyone who missed the meeting, Notes can be made on almost anything, from video and photos to PowerPoint® and PDF documents, and then saved as an image file—simply brilliant for the office or classroom.

    More productive remote meetings

    With vibrant Full HD resolution and a wide display area, remote videoconference participants seem like they’re in the room with you. Team members in remote locations can write detailed notes onto shared documents and solve problems in real time, just as they would when working together in the office. There powerful web and video conferencing capabilities reduce the need for travel, saving your organization time and money.


  2. Technical Info

    ● PC+TV+TOUCH modularization design

    ESPOD 55” Multi-touch series collects the function of OPS and MINI ATX PC. It has inner routing system without any extra cable putting outside of the machine.

    ● Touch screen preposition maintenance

    ● Multi-touch

    ESPOD 55” Multi-touch series Uses infrared matrix multiple scanning technology, supporting 2,10 touch to satisfy different demands.

    ● Preposition interface

    The built-in to develop professional education ESBoard shortcut keys software, easy to operate, switch.

    ● Preposition interface

    Preposition HDMI ,TOUCH USB and PC USB, it’s convenient for people to use their own PC. Front interface automatic identification signal access is switching freely. Preposition blackboard sensor, when there are objects block, the panel will automatically shut down, saving energy and protecting environment.

    ● Various Interfaces

    ● Preposition blackboard sensor

    ● One key switch machine/ Backlight Switch

    ● Unique Heat dissipatio

    (dustproof ventilation, PC external heat dissipation)

    ● Ultra low standby power consumption

    Use Concave type heat dissipation area, it can prevent the dust from coming into the machine. The heat dissipation holes on top and bottom convection provides a good heat dissipation gallery. ATX PC outlay will not produce extra heat inside the machine.

    ● 3D Display(optional)

    ● Touch Menu

    Special TV touch menu, interactive experience fun all the time.

    ● ANDROID/WINDOWS dual system

    ● Embedded operating system

    ● Black /Silver grey aluminum alloy brushed front shell
    ESPOD 55” Multi-touch series adopts double color aluminum alloy shell and the safe corner design. It not only looks beautiful and elegant, but also is able to provide security protection.


  3. Specifications
     Infered touch screen parameter:

    Touch type:     4 points infrared touch (two points writing)

    Embedded mode:     Preposition embedded mode (Preposition maintainence)

    Touch drive mode:     HID& No need driver

    The material of writing surface:     4MM Physical steel glass (Anti-glare glass is optional)

    Touch screen inductive mode: Finger, pen,hand with gloves or any other non-transparent objects

    Position resolution of touch screen:     4096X4096

    Touch communication port: USB 2.0

    Sampling frequency:     ≥120Hz

    Response time :    Single touch:click:8ms writing:3ms

    Positional accuracy:     ≤±2mm

    filament lamp (220V,100W) The vertical distance >350mm illumination of the sunlight:90000Lux

    Resistance to external light test:

    Calibration:    No nee calibration(support Windows 7 calibration procedures and supporting factory calibration procedure)

    Multi-touch:     2 points writing,4 points touch

    Life time:     >60,000,000 times click at the same positio

    Touch system power supply mode: USB 5.0V direct feeding system

    Support  touch operating system: Windows,Linux,Android,MAC

    Measuring function:     Support software and hardware testing

    Remote upgrading function:     Support remote control to touch hardware procedure (MCU) upgrade function

     ■ Display parameter:

    Backlight:    LED

    The largest visual Angle:     178°(V)/178°(H)

    The physical resolution LCD screen:     1920(H) X 1080(V) (typical)

    Video Standard:     PAL/SECAM

    Audio output power:     2X10W

    Input port:     TV port*1,AV input*1,YpbPr*1, Multimedia(USB)*2,HDMI*4(built-in PC1,Preposition 1, Postposition 2 )

    Output port:     AV input*1,VGA*1,AUDIO(3.5mm headset),USB*1(special use for touch )

    USB play format:     Support video:MPEG-2.MPEG-4,H.264,MJPEG,RMVB Audio:MP3,WMA,AAC ,Pic:JPG,BMP,PNG


     ■ Preposition port:

    Preposition port:     Preposition downward interface include:USb , TOUCH*1,HDMI*1,PC USB*1, supporting auto switch between source and touch

    Prepostion:    8 button(7pcs TV button+1pcs PC button) When you press PC button, The PC and TV turn on at the same time. When you press TV

    button the TV will be on.A button can turn on/off the backlight to save the energy.Main power is located at the edge-bottom of machine.

    The preposition sensor:     remote control receiving*1,PC status*1, TV status*1,Black board block sensor*1,Light intensity sensor*1

    Top interface:     None

      Embedded PC:
                                     OPS industry module                                             MINI ATX module

    Mainboard:                       QM67                                                                     H61

    OPS Function:            CPU:i3、i5、i7                                         CPU:G2010、i3、i5、i7、

    Memory:                       2G/4G                                                                        2G/4G

    Hard disk:                       500G                                                                         500G

    Operating system:               Windows7                                                         Windows7

    Video card:                           Integration                                                             Integration 

    Sound card:                             Integration                                                         Integration 

    The wireless keyboard/mouse:                   Optional                                             Optional 

    Interface:          HDMI,USB,VGA,Audio,RJ-45,Network port            HDMI,USB,VGA,VGA Audio,RJ-45,Network port

      Electric parameter:
    Input voltage:     specified 100Vac~240Vac Maximum:90Vac~264Vac 50/60Hz

    Maximum power consumption:     280W

    stand-by power consumption:     <0.5W

      Enviromental parameter:
    Workplace:     Indoor

    Operating temperature:     0°C – 40°C

    Operating humidity:     10% – 90% none condensation

    Storage temperature:     -20°C – 60°C

    Storage temperature:     10% – 90% none condensation

    User’s manual:    1 set

    warranty card:    1pcs

    Certification:    1pcs

    Driver Disk:     1pcs

    Power line:     1pcs

    Remote control:     1pcs

    Touch pen:     2pcs

    USB LINE(A-A):     Optional

    VGA LINE:     Optional

    Audio cable:     Optional

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