ES-iAN B1202

Multi Service Access Node (MSAN) solution from ESPOD provides a unique set of capabilities enabling service providers to offer the most competitive triple play service to their subscribers. The solution enables service providers to smoothly migrate to IP based next-generation applications while continuing to offer traditional TDM based services to customers.

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  1. جزئیات عمومی

    AN B1202 is a cost effective MSAP (Multi-Service Access Platform) and is an ideal integrated access device for replacement of copper with fiber. It plays an important role in the NGN construction. iAN B1202 can work as the FTTB ONU in the GPON system to interoperate with OLT  to provide multi-service access, including high-speed Internet access, video services and IP-based voice. It can also work as a carrier-class broadband access device or media gateway.

  2. Techical Info
    • Suitable for FTTC, FTTN, and FTTB applications
    • ESTI Depth Compliant chassis, 2U front access with 4 service slots
    • 32G switching capacity. High scalability
    • Supports 1 EPON or  2 GE(fiber/Copper)for uplink
    • Supports ADSL2+. 32-port per module. Up to 128 ports per chassis
    • Supports VoIP access. 48-port per module. Up to 192 ports per chassis
    • VoIP services using IP based voice protocols – H.248/MEGACO and SIP
    • VoIP support for basic service, Supplementary service and Centrex service based on Soft Switch platform. Compatible with most of the Soft Switch in the market
    • Green design, Low power consumption and acoustical noise
    • Indoor and outdoor cabinet
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