ESPOD Central Access blade

  1. Technical Info
    • Integrated components reduce amount of equipment needed, their cost, and equipment room footprint
    • Simplified configuration with only a few types of boards requires fewer spare parts, facilitates maintenance, and reduces maintenance costs
    • An all-IP switching platform and interfaces ensure better performance of PS services and enable network evolution
    • A true multi-standard controller
    • Highest capacity with smallest footprint
    • Common and few hardware types
    • Traffic-adaptive node designed to cater for any traffic changes
    • Optimised for all-IP networks
    • Future-proof platform based on 40Gbps Ethernet technology.


  2. Specifications
    Parameters Specifications
    Traffic Volume (ERL) 24,000
    Number of Transceivers (TRX) 4,096
    Cabinet Dimensions (H x W x D) 2,200 mm x 600 mm x 800 mm
    Height of Available Space in the Cabinet 46U
    Weight of a Single Cabinet with Full Configuration ≤ 320 kg
    Power Supply -48V DC
    Power Supply/Voltage Range -40V to -57V
    Power Consumption of a Single Subrack MPS: ≤ 1,400WEPS: ≤ 1,400W

    TCS: ≤ 1,000W

    Power Consumption of a Single Cabinet with Full Configuration MPR (combined BM and TC): ≤ 4,200WMPR (separate BM and TC): ≤ 3,200W

    TCR: ≤ 2,400W

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