Distribution Tight Buffer Armored Fiber Optical Cable

  1. جزئیات عمومی
    • Adopted to indoor and Outdoor distribution.
    • As pigtail of communication equipment.
    • Suitable for communication equipment served.
    • Suitable for floor connection.
    • Hight strength kevlar yarn member.
    • More tight buffered design.
    • Round construction.
    • Saft. Easy to strip.
    • Steel armored flexble tube.increase the cable’s twist
  2. Technical Info
    Technical Parameters:
    Cable Count Outside
    Tight buffer
    Weight Minimum allowable Tensile Strength
    minimum allowable Crush Load
    Minimum Bending Radius
    (MM) (MM) (KG) short term long term short term long term short term long term (℃)
    10.0 0.9 76.00  1500 600 1000 200  20D  10D -20+60


  3. Specifications
    Optical Characteristics
    Fiber Sort Multimode G.651 A1a:50/125          Graded-index fiber
    Singlemode G.652(A、B、C、D) B1.1:Conventional fiber
    G.653 B2: Zero  dispersion shifted
    G.654 B1.2 :Cut-off wavelength shifted
    G.655 B4: Main technical data for positive
    dispersion shifted single-mode fiber
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